Certified copy and original certification Policy

The documents listed below are considered acceptable by the LPP to prove date of birth, marriage or death:-

Date of Birth
The following documents are split between Primary and Secondary Evidence.  This policy applies to both members and their dependants.  

Primary Evidence

 Secondary Evidence

One of the following original documents should be supplied:

In the absence of a Primary Evidence document, two of the following documents must be supplied:

  1.  Birth certificate

  2.  Passport issued in the UK

  1.  Passport issued outside of the UK 

  2.  Certificate of Naturalisation in the UK 

  3.  Home Office document 

  4.  Certificate of baptism 

  5.  Certificate of service in HM Armed Forces 

  6.  Certificate of service in the Merchant Navy 

  7.  Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate 

  8.  Adoption certificate 

  9.  Life Assurance Policy

Date of Marriage / Date of Civil Partnership
We will only accept a marriage certificate or a civil partnership certificate to evidence the date of marriage or the date that a civil partnership was entered.

Date of Death
We will only accept a death certificate to evidence the date of death or an original Interim Coroner’s Certificate.

Additional Notes

  1. Originals of the above documents are accepted in all instances, but a suitable certified photocopy is also acceptable.

  1. Certified photocopies:

Who can certify a document?

Persons in a position of responsibility who know the person for whom they are making the declaration, can confirm that they are who they say they are, and can confirm their permanent address:

•        Bank or building society official

•        Local or County Councillor

•        Dentist

•        Doctor

•        Police officer

•        Solicitor

•        Teacher or lecturer

•        Justice of the Peace

•       HR Manager or Director

The person should not be:

•        A relative to the person for whom the certified document is in respect of

•        Living at the same address as the person for whom the certified document is in respect of

•        In a relationship with the person for whom the certified document is in respect of

The certified copy may only be accepted if the photocopy bears:

•        The declaration ‘I confirm this to be a true copy of the original seen by me’ on the document

•        A signature and date

•        A printed name under the signature

•        The occupation, address and telephone number of the person certifying the document

•        If applicable, the company stamp of the organisation the individual making the declaration works for


•       A copy of the certified photocopy is not acceptable

•       Members are not permitted to certify their own identification as evidence

•       The certified copy must have been certified within the last 3 months


  1. Any passports submitted must be valid for travel.  Expired passports will not be accepted as evidence of date of birth.

  1. A suitable translation must be on file for certificates / documents that are not in English.  It is acceptable for an LPP staff member to translate such documents, but if we are unable to obtain a translation on site a certified translation must be requested.

  1. Statutory Declarations are not accepted as evidence of date of birth, marriage, civil partnership or death at this time.

  1. If none of the above documents can be produced the case must be referred to the team manager to determine if the evidence submitted is sufficient to meet our requirements.

  1. This document may be changed at any time in respect of any decisions made in respect of note 6.

  1. Death certificate – We will accept a copy from a solicitor if the document has an original company stamp to certify the document as an original. Hand written certifications are not acceptable.

  1. Death certificate verification forms – Not acceptable in any format original or otherwise. These documents are prone to human error and therefore cannot be taken as accurate information.