Guides & Factsheets


This section highlights all guides and factsheets which have been generated to assist deferred members in understanding their benefits and their pension. 

Joining or rejoining the scheme? - A Brief Guide to Your Pension

Thinking about joining or rejoining the scheme? The Brief Guide to Your Pension provides basic information on the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

Leaving the Scheme? Leaving the LGPS Guide

Changing jobs or opting out of the Scheme?  The Leaving the LGPS Guide provides information for members who are about to leave the LGPS.

About to retire? - Information for New Pensioners

About to retire? The Information for New Pensioners guide is a guide to the payment of your benefits on leaving the Scheme.

Are you a Councillor? - A Guide to Your Pension

Our Councillor Full Scheme Guide provides basic information on the LGPS specifically for Councillors. 

Survivors Pension for a Cohabiting Partner

In the event of your death a survivors pension may be payable to a co-habiting partner, subject to certain conditions.

A survivor’s pension will only be paid to a co-habiting partner if the co-habiting partner satisfies the required conditions that have been met for a continuous period of at least 2 years immediately prior to the member’s death.

The required conditions are:
  • both the member and their co-habiting partner were free to marry each other or to enter into a civil partnership with each other, and
  • the member and their co-habiting partner have been living together as if they were husband and wife, or civil partners, and
  • neither the member or their co-habiting partner have been living with someone else as if they were husband and wife or civil partners, and
  • either the co-habiting partner is financially dependent on the member or they are financially interdependent on each other.

Annual Benefit Statements for Deferred Members

If you left the scheme prior to 31 March 2019 and your pension benefits are currently deferred then a 2019 benefit statement is now available via My Pension Online.

The rate of inflation measured by CPI was 2.4% which is based on the increase on the Consumer Prices Index over the 12 months to September 2018.  In the majority of cases, members whose last day of membership is after the 23 April 2018 are not entitled to the full 2.4% increase on the part of their deferred benefits that relate to membership built up before 1 April 2014.

The statement will show the current value of your deferred benefits and the documents below will also help with any questions you may have regarding your statement. 

Deferred Members Guidance Notes

Pre 2014 leaver - LG Deferred ABS Guidance Notes (2019)

Post 2014 leaver - LG Deferred ABS Guidance Notes (2019)