News & Pensions Increase

The following section provides information on pensions increase and news for pensioner members.

Spring Newsletter 2018

Spring Newsletter 2018

Pensions Increase 2018

The Government has approved the rate of increase for all public service pensions. The increase is effective from 9 April 2018 and is 3.00%.

The increase is set by reference to the Consumer Price Index in September 2017. It does not reflect the performance of the Pension Fund and we do not have the power to pay an additional increase.

Pension Paydays 2018/19

Pension Pay Days 2018-19 - This document outlines the dates in which pensioners will receive their payment from April 2018 to March 2019.

LGPS National Insurance Database

A data sharing project with other LGPS pension funds in England, Wales and Scotland has been undertaken in order to comply with legal requirements contained in the LGPS’s governing regulations.

Provisions contained in the LGPS Regulations 2013 mean that, if a member of the LGPS dies, it is necessary for the scheme’s administrators to know if the individual also had other periods of LGPS membership elsewhere in the country so that the right death benefits can be calculated and paid to the deceased member’s dependants.

LGPS National Insurance Database - Privacy Notice

Health Plan

As part of our commitment to increase the range and value of benefits Bexley offer staff, we have launched a new cash health plan which will also be extended to pensioners.

We have joined with BHSF Limited, who are a  market-leading not-for-profit health insurer which can trace its history back to a charity which started in 1873.

BHSF insures 400,000 people through 225,000 policies. These policies help staff with their everyday health costs, that do not come free or easy on the NHS, such as optical, dental, hearing, health screening, therapies such as physiotherapy and osteopathy and much more, including access to a GP helpline 24/7 and a private prescription service.

Staff and ex staff who wish to take advantage of this scheme are able to choose the level of cover they require for a very competitive fixed net pay payroll deduction each month from their salary/pension. There is no heath history to complete, no age bands and no qualifying period for benefits ( other than Maternity).

Further information and application forms are available at the following site:

To apply Pensioners will need to quote the application code   WL0344B