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Urgent Message from the Pensions Office

With effect from 23 March 2020 all Pensions Office staff are working from home.

We are open during business hours as normal,  Monday – Friday 9am - 5pm

Please note, that we have restricted access to telephony and no access to post. In these circumstances we will ask all scheme members and their representatives to contact the Pensions Office in the first instance by email, .

We will also require alternative contact details to maintain communication, such as personal email and mobile phone details. Before we use these methods for communication of pension information we will also require digital verifications by way of birth certificate, driving licence, passport and other suitable document. Without such verification we will not send any pension information.

We still aim to provide, wherever possible, our normal level of service. However, at times we may have to focus our resource on our critical processes such as maintaining the monthly payment of pensions. In such an event non-critical processes may be delayed or postponed.

Please read the Covid FAQs for questions you may have regarding your pension.

Thank you for your patience during these uncertain and worrying times and I sincerely hope you all remain fit and healthy.

Matt Mott

Pensions Manager


Contact information

See our Frequently Asked Questions document and if you still have a query, please contact us using the details below: 

Telephone: 0207 332 1370 and 0207 332 3982 

Fax: 0207 710 8539 


Address:  City of London 

                 Pensions Office 

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