Strategy and Valuation


Investment Strategy 

The current investment strategy is set out in the published Investment Strategy Statement (ISS). The ISS reflects current best practices, investment strategy, and management arrangements, and is formally approved by the Pension Fund Investment Committee.


Funding Strategy Statement

The funding objectives of the Fund are set out in the Funding Strategy Statement (FSS). The FSS identifies how employers' pension liabilities are best met, the objectives in setting employer contribution rates, and the funding strategy that is adopted to meet these objectives. 


Communications Policy Statement 

The Communications Policy Statement describes information and publicity relating to the Scheme, and the frequency, format and method of distribution, to members, representatives, employers and potential members of the scheme.


Actuarial Valuation

The scheme is required to undertake an actuarial valuation each three years as a statutory obligation. The most recent actuarial valuation was completed for the three years to 31 March 2019.