Additional Pension and AVCs

In the LGPS you have access to two tax efficient ways to make additional pension savings. 


Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

AVCs are tax efficient contributions made directly from your salary. Your contributions build up an additional pension pot to your pension account.
If you pay AVCs via the LGPS you may elect to take up to 25% of your AVC fund as a tax-free lump sum provided the lump sum doesn't exceed £312,500 (2014/15 figure). Or use some, or all of it to provide a regular retirement income, in addition to your pension account. Under the current regulations you will need to do this by your 75th birthday.
Our AVC provider is The Scottish Widow’s. Please visit their website for further information on Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) and the ability to download application forms. 
Please note that the arrangements for AVCs are a matter between you and the provider and LPP is not responsible for the performance of the funds. Professional advice should be sought prior to selecting an investment.