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How does a pension account work? Paying in after 1 April 2014

To help you understand how pension accounts work, there is an interactive Pensions Account Modeller available.


How much does it cost? Contribution calculator April 2014

To find out how much you will pay in contributions, there is a Contributions Calculator available


What is Your Pension Worth? Paying in before 1 April 2014

Please use the calculator below to estimate the value of your pension benefits built up before 1 April 2014. All you need to know to do this is your salary and the length of time you have been in the pension scheme. The regulations changed on 1 April 2008 so you will have to split the number of years between pre and post 2008 service if this applies to you. Remember, your post 2008 service can only be a maximum of 6 years as the scheme changed again on 1 April 2014 and benefits from April 2014 are now built up in the new CARE scheme.

You can also use this calculator to estimate the value of your pre April 2014 benefits when you come to retire. For this you will have to use the salary you think you will be on at that future date. Remember this is just an estimate only. This online calculator is only intended as an approximate indication of your pension benefits. You should not take any decisions based on these results. You will see below that some of your annual pension can be swapped for a tax free lump sum You can take the standard package, the maximum tax-free cash, or anything in between.

LGPS calculator
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The standard package of benefits
The maximum tax-free cash available


  • This calculator uses the standard LGPS 'exchange rate' of 1:12 for swapping pension for lump-sum. In other words every £1 of pension you give up gets you £12 of lump-sum.
  • This ignores any AVCs you may have.
  • This form does not take account of any reductions that may apply due to early retirement before age 65 or any enhancements that may be awarded due to ill-health.