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Member Forms

Below are the forms relevant to members of the scheme

 Death Grant Nomination - In the event of your death, a lump sum death grant of 3 times your actual pay will be payable if you were an active member at the time. You can nominate any person(s) or organisation you wish as long as your nominees add up to 100%

 Qualifying Conditions for a Co-habiting Partner Survivor's Pension. Spouses and registered civil partners are automatically entitled to a survivor's pension for the rest of their life in the event of your death. There is also provision for a survivor's pension to co-habiting partners, subject to qualifying conditions. No form needs to be completed.

 Changes to Dependants Benefits which may affect the survivor's pension payable on your death if you are in a registered civil partnership, or  a co-habiting partner to receive a survivor's pension, and you have LGPS membership before 6 April 1988.

 Employee Starter Form (Request to Transfer)


 Member Opt in Form This form is for members who would like to opt in to the LGPS. 


 Member Opt Out Form This form is for members who would like to opt out of the scheme, or for employees who have recently been automatically enrolled and would like to opt out. Please note that by opting out you will be giving up benefits such as contribution payments from your employer and life cover. If you would like to find out more about the pension scheme before you make your decision you might like to read our factsheets

 50/50 Section Election Form can be used as your election to move from the main section of the scheme to the 50/50 section. Please return to your employer. You will be moved to the 50/50 section from the next available pay period after your employer receives your signed election. If you have more than one job you can elect for the 50/50 section in one, some or all your jobs.  If you are in the LGPS with more than one employer, a separate election form must be completed and returned to each employer. 
 Main Section Election Form can be used by those members of the LGPS who wish to leave the 50/50 section of the Scheme and move to the main section of the Scheme.

Change of Address or Bank Account

The quick and easy way to amend your address or bank account (Pensioners) details is to use Member Self Service. Go to "Pensions Home" and either register or log in using the password issued to you

Alternatively, you can send your new details in writing to the address below. Please make sure you sign the letter and include your National Insurance Number. 

Postal address:  

LPP - Your Pension Service 
PO Box 1384 
Preston PR2 0WS


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