Guides and Factsheets


Are you thinking about joining the LGPS and need to know more information? Or are you just curious to find out more about your pension? Our helpful guides and factsheets can help. All material is available in large print or braille upon request.

Joining or rejoining the scheme? - A Brief Guide to Your Pension

Thinking about joining or rejoining the scheme? The Brief Guide to your pension (Version 2.1 June 2020) provides basic information on the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). See the Full Scheme Guide (Version 5.1 - May 2019) for further information.

Combining Benefits

Re-Joining the LGPS

What happens if I re-join the LGPS?

These information leaflets have been provided to give you the information you need to understand about what happens to your LGPS benefits, and the choices available to you, if:

     a) you have left one employment and re-joined the LGPS in another employment; or

     b) you have had more than one job in which you are a member of the LGPS and have left one of those employments whilst continuing in the other.

There are different scenarios that may apply depending on previous service and other factors. Our correspondence will advise you of the information from this website that you should review, and you should choose the relevant document below.

GLOSSARY pension terms explained.pdf                                                                   


Leaving the Scheme?

Changing jobs or opting out of the Scheme? The LGPS website provides information for members who are about to leave the LGPS.

About to retire? - Information for New Pensioners

About to retire? The Retirement guide explains the different ways you can retire from the Scheme.

If you send in your certificates by registered post or recorded delivery they will be returned to you via the same method.
Watch the video for more information on life after work.

.Click here for more LGPS videos

Survivors Pension for a Cohabiting Partner

In the event of your death a survivors pension may be payable to a co-habiting partner, subject to certain conditions.

A survivor’s pension will only be paid to a co-habiting partner if the co-habiting partner satisfies the required conditions that have been met for a continuous period of at least 2 years immediately prior to the member’s death.

The required conditions are:
  • both the member and their co-habiting partner were free to marry each other or to enter into a civil partnership with each other, and
  • the member and their co-habiting partner have been living together as if they were husband and wife, or civil partners, and
  • neither the member or their co-habiting partner have been living with someone else as if they were husband and wife or civil partners, and
  • either the co-habiting partner is financially dependent on the member or they are financially interdependent on each other.