Are you receiving the best customer service?

Customer care is at the centre of our operations, and we take complaints seriously. If you're unhappy with a decision or our service has not met your expectations. You can let us know via the post or email.

Please make sure to include the following details:

your full name
your postal address
your email address
your national insurance number or pension number (if known)

Please send your complaint to:

LPP Company Secretarial Services Team

Local Pensions Partnership

2nd Floor

169 Union Street



or via email to:  

Average time to complete your query

Recently, we've significantly reduced the average time taken to complete incoming queries. Below is a table of our top 10 queries and the average number of days for it to be completed.

Average time taken to complete Top 10 query types

Average Number of days



Transfers In


Transfers Out


Estimates – individual


Deferred Benefits




Retirements (immediate)


Retirements (deferred)




Estimates – employers




 *Retirements: LPFA often receives advanced notification of retirements. Measurement is taken from this point however the average time between your actual retirement date and receipt of your lump sum is 3-5 working days.

What happens next?

Once we have received your complaint we will send you a response within five working days. Where this is not possible, an acknowledgement will be sent within five working days to advise you of the progress and an expected date for providing the answer.

We will review your case and ensure that we consider all your points and outcomes are then clearly explained to you.

We may call you if we need more information or wish to explain our response further. 


Internal Disputes Resolution Procedure

If your unhappy with our response you can raise a formal dispute against our decision. Any complaint must be made within six months of the date of our initial reply.

In the first instance please write to Robert Branagh, Managing Director (2nd Floor, 169 Union St, London, SE1 0LL), who will nominated someone to review your case. Following the independent review, if you are still dissatisfied with the decision, you may apply for another nominated person who has had no previous dealings with your case to review the findings. Your application for reconsideration must be made within six months of receiving notification of the independent referee's decision.

 IDRP: A Guide for Scheme Members

I'm still not happy

If you've received a reply from the independent review about your appeal, and you wish to pursue the matter further, you can contact the Pensions Ombudsman, who acts as an independent and impartial adjudicator. Applications must be made within three years of the event and his or her decision is final and binding.

The Pensions Ombudsman's address is:

Pensions Ombudsman

11 Belgrave Road



Telephone: 020 7630 2000



At any stage during this process you may wish to approach The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS). They offer a free service.

The Pensions Advisory Service's address is:

The Pensions Advisory Service

11 Belgrave Road




Telephone: 0845 601 2923



We value your feedback

We're committed to improving our service to you and we use all feedback received to help us achieve this. 

If you have any ideas on how we can offer a better service we'd love to hear from you. Please email with any suggestions or click here to complete our online Quality of Service Survey.