March 2014 - Transitional Regulations Agreed

The LGPS (Transitional Provisions, Savings and Amendment) Regulations 2014 have been agreed. Please follow the link below

September 2013 - LGPS 2014 Regulations Released

The LGPS 2014 regulations have been released. To view the regulations follow the link or click here for a PDF version. There is also a covering letter accompanying the regulations.

August 2013 - LPFA Response to LGPS Governance Consutation

LPFA response to LGPS Governance consultation

July 2013 - LPFA Response to the Draft Regulations

Please see the LPFA response to the draft regulations

June 2013 - Regulations for Consultation and DCLG Discussion Paper

DCLG LGPS 2014 Consultation: A third period of statutory consultation on regulations for the new LGPS from April 2014 commenced on the 20 June 2013. The closing date for responses is 2 August 2013.

DCLG Discussion Paper - new governance arrangements: A discussion paper exploring the five specific sections of the Public Service Pensions Act 2013 which impacts on the governance arrangements of the new LGPS was published 20 June 2013 by DCLG.  It invites comments to a number of questions posed. The responses to these questions will allow DCLG to start work on the drafting of regulations on governance for consultation later this year. The closing date for responses to the paper is 30 August 2013.

Both documents can be found via the DCLG website:

March 2013 - Regulations for Consultation

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have released a series of documents and regulations for consultation on the 27th March 2013.

These documents include: 

 Annex A      Draft regulations for membership, contributions and Benefits (this is a revision from the draft issued just before Christmas) these have a consultation period that closes on the 3rd May 2013.

Annex B       Covers outstanding policy issues that need to be considered these also complete the consultation process on the 3rd May 2013.

Annex C       Are the draft transitional provisions and savings regulations, these have a consultation period that close on  the 24th May 2013.
Annex D       Is a set of draft miscellaneous regulations which also close on the 24th May 2013.
The link to these documents is found at:

January 2013 - LPFA Response to the Draft Regulations 2014

The LPFA remain supportive of the proposals for the 2014 Scheme and are please to note that the regulations are in line with those contained in the informal consultation undertaken last summer. For details on the full consultation please see below: 

 LPFA Response to the Draft Regulations 2014

January 2013 - Joint Statement Released - Timetable for Implementation

The LGPS 2014 Project Board has issued a Joint Statement updating the latest position regarding implementation of the LGPS 2014 proposals overwhelmingly endorsed by employers and members in consultation exercises last summer.

The Statement includes details of the Statutory Consultation which closes on 8 February 2013. The Statement also includes details about latest progress regarding the future governance and cost management of the scheme under Workstream 2, as well as the timetable for implementing the LGPS 2014 provisions between now and 2014.

January 2013 - Joint Statement Released - Timetable for Implementation 

January 2013 - LGPS 2014 Consultation Key Facts

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) have published a document outlining the Key Facts for the LGPS 2014 Consultation. This document should assist those responding to the consultation with key elements for consideration.

 LGPS 2014: Consultation Key Facts 

Consultation: LGPS 2014 - Draft Regulations

Draft regulations on membership, contributions and benefits

A consultation is now being held as the draft regulations for the new Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) have now been published; these draft regulations are in line with anticipated new LGPS 2014 principles.

This consultation seeks responses from interested parties on the draft regulations for the new LGPS to come into force in April 2014. This consultation only covers the core elements of the new scheme, in particular, the provisions relating to membership, contributions and benefits. 

A second consultation exercise covering the remainder of the new scheme will follow shortly. 

The closing date for receipt of responses to the consultation is the 8th February 2013All interested parties are encouraged to respond.

Consultation Document