Nomination and Other Forms


This part of the website contains our frequently used forms and details of how to nominate a beneficiary in instances of death, or if you change address.

Would you like to nominate a beneficiary to receive a Death Grant payment after your passing?

If you die in service as a member of the LGPS there is a lump sum death grant equal to 3 times your assumed pensionable pay.

For the purpose of paying pension benefits correctly we ask our members to complete a death grant nomination. This nomination will be used to record your wishes regarding who your death grant (if applicable) should be paid to in the event of your death.

You can now update your nominations directly through My Pension Online without the need to complete a form.

Please visit My Pension Online to register as a new user or view your existing account.

Once you have logged in you need to select the Nominations screen to view or amend your nominees.

Whether a nomination is made or not,  the administering authority retains absolute discretion in respect of to whom the death grant is paid, but takes due regard of any wish expressed by a member.
If you would prefer you can download the Death Grant Nomination Form

Want to notify us of your change of address?

If you need to notify us of your change of address, this needs to be in writing or you can do it online.

Co-habiting Partner - Qualifying Conditions

Spouses and registered civil partners are automatically entitled to a survivor's pension for the rest of their life in the event of your death. There is also provision for a survivor's pension to co-habiting partners, subject to qualifying conditions. No form needs to be completed. Qualifying Conditions for a Co-habiting Partner Survivor's Pension.