What is Member Self Service?

Member self service provides instant access to to view personal and financial information about your pension securely. To access your account click here: axise.yourpension.org.uk

What can the online system do?

Our secure system allows you to:

  • View your service history, including any service which has been transferred

  • View and update personal details and changes of address

  • If  you are a protected member or planning to retire before your taper protection expires you can estimate your pension on retirement (if you have already moved into the new scheme, or your tapered protection will cease before you retire, the member self-service cannot currently calculate your pension benefits at retirement, but a future release will build in this facility)

Please ensure you obtain estimates from LPP Pensions Team for decision making purposes.


How do I access my online pension records?

  1. To access the secure system you will firstly need to complete a simple registration form online. Click here to register: axise.yourpension.org.uk/altairMSSWeb/signUp

  2. Your request will be emailed to LPP and you will be issued an activation code. If your current contact details include an e-mail address, a link to complete your registration will be e-mailed to this address immediately. Otherwise your activation key will be emailed to you within 3-5 working days.

  3. Once you have your activation code you can go online and set up a username and password.

*Please note that for security reasons LPP do not hold a record of the password you have selected.   If you forget your password you will need to re-register from the Log-in web page.


I have a question about Member Self Service, who do I contact?

If you require assistance with this system please contact our administration team on AskPensions@localpensionspartnership.org.uk or 020 7369 6076.