Abatement of Pension on Re-Employment

Last year an amendment was made to the Firefighters Pension Scheme 1992 in relation to abatement of pension. 

Previously, abatement of pension* could only apply where the pensioner obtained employment in a firefighter role. Under last year’s change, those who retire on or after 1 July 2013 may be subject to abatement of pension if they obtain employment with a Fire and Rescue Authority in any capacity, i.e. this now includes non-uniformed employment, and in some cases if they obtain other local government employment, for example with a County Council

This provision will also apply to those who retired before 1 July 2013 unless they seek an exemption; those who wish to be exempted from this provision will need to write to the Fire and Rescue Authority confirming this before 1 October 2014. A form is available at here with notes here

Please however note that even if a pensioner who retired before 1 July 2013 asks to be exempted from this provision, a future employer may seek to apply abatement via the contract of employment. Firefighter pensioners seeking local government employment are therefore advised to check the abatement arrangements with a prospective employer.

*Abatement of pension is the withdrawal or reduction in pension where you are already receiving a pension from either of the 1992 or 2006 schemes, having retired, and are then employed on a new contract anywhere in local government. It only applies if your combined pension and new salary in your new post exceeds your gross salary when you retired.


If you are unsure as to whether or not you may be affected please contact us.