Injury Pension and State Disablement Benefits

If you retired on an injury pension due to an accident, illness, injury or related condition attributable to your fire fighting duties you are required to let us know of any disablement or incapacity benefits you receive.

The benefits we need to be informed about are chiefly: Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit, Incapacity Benefit, Invalidity Benefit, Employment Support Allowance, Reduced Earnings Allowance, Retirement Allowance and Severe Disablement Allowance. You should always inform us of any benefit you are in receipt of for any illness, accident or condition in order for us to make an informed calculation of your benefits in payment.
Any benefit you are paid by the Department of Works and Pension (DWP), Jobcentre Plus (JCP), Benefits Agency (BA) or any related departments should be declared to the LPP. The only deductible benefits are those which are paid for the accident, injury or a related condition on which you were retired. If in doubt, it is important you declare all benefits and the Firefighters’ Pension Section will investigate which are deductible.
In order to make sure your records are kept up to date and any adjustments made as necessary it is very important you also inform us when a benefit changes. Please send us a copy of the notification you will receive from DWP, JCP or BA. If they cannot provide written confirmation please write to the Firefighters’ Pension Team detailing what has happened and authorising us to contact the DWP or related departments on your behalf.
As a recipient of an injury pension you will be contacted periodically in order to confirm details of your benefit entitlements. Please reply to any requests as soon as possible to avoid any delay in the payment of your pension.
Your benefits may go up as well as down and we need to make sure your pension is being paid accurately. If you are in any doubt please contact the contact us for further clarification.