If you have received a Statutory Notification from the LPP and wish to opt out of the Local Government Pension Scheme please complete the below electronic form and press enter.

What you need to know

  • Your employer cannot ask you or force you to opt out.
  • If you are asked or forced to opt out by your employer you can tell the pension Regulator see www.thepensionsregulator.gov.uk
  • If you change your mind you may be able to opt back in – please write to your employer if you want to do this
  • If you do re-join the scheme, you will NOT be able to link your two periods of membership together.
  • If you stayed opted out, your employer will normally put you back into pension in around 3 years
  • If you change your job, your new employer will normally put you back into pension saving straight away
  • If you have another job, your other employer might also put you into pension savings, now or in the future.

10 Good reasons for staying in the LGPS

1 Money From your Employer!
Your employer shares the cost!
2 Tax Free Savings!
Tax Relief on all your contributions!
3 Increased Quality of Retirement!
Start now for a bigger pension on retirement!
4 No Investment Risk!
A pension based on your pay and length of service!
5 Protection and Security!
Ill health, Family & Dependants!
6 Life Cover - No Medicals Required!
Life cover of 3 years pay!
7 No Hidden Fees or Charges!
You just pay a percentage of your pay!
8 Tax Free Lump Sum!
Can be taken in addition to a regular pension!
9 Pension Increased with Inflation!
The value of your pension in payment is protected!
10 Saving for Retirement is Crucial!
Maintain your lifestyle in retirement!

Electronic Opt Out Form