Get Online with My Pension Online


It’s Get Online Week this week, so what better time to get online and experience our essential online pension service.

My Pension Online is our valuable online service that provides a quick and simple way to manage your pension anytime, anywhere.

The benefits of going online

There are many advantages of using online services. They have become the new norm for how many businesses cater for their customers today - from allowing you to quickly check your transactions with online banking, to providing you with a secure portal to store your car or house insurance policy.

When it comes to managing your pension online, there are many key benefits too.

How My Pension Online can benefit you

Our online service gives you immediate access to a wide range of services to manage your pension – wherever you are and whenever you want. You can:

  • View your pension details whenever you need to check or provide them - including watching your pension benefits grow over time.
  • Use our quick-and-easy online calculator - so you can calculate the pension income and cash lump sum you’re entitled to when you retire.
  • Access any important documents you have requested from us, such as your P60 (if you’re retired) or our annual newsletter.
  • View your annual pension benefit statement at the click of a button.
  • Change and update your personal details - if you move address.
  • Nominate your beneficiary - allowing you to nominate the person you want to receive any benefits you’re entitled to should anything happen to you.

So get online and give My Pension Online a go

If you’re already registered with the service, just log in and you can enjoy all My Pension Online has to offer right now. But if you’re not registered, don’t worry, you can sign up. You’ll just need your national insurance number and date of birth to request an activation key. Just click here to get started and get ready to take control of your pension, online.