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Pre-Retirement Course – 26 September 2019 - County Hall, Dorchester

Pre-Retirement Course – 26 September 2019, County Hall, Dorchester

Keeping your retirement plans on track can be a challenging task, and with the increased flexibilities which may be available when considering your retirement income options it is now more important than ever to make sure you are in control of your retirement plans.

To guide you through the options available to you, in conjunction with Dorset County Pension Fund, Affinity Connect will be running a dedicated Planning for Retirement seminar.

This seminar is designed for those of you who are:

  • Thinking about retiring or drawing your pension benefits within the next eighteen months
  • Wanting to understand how the pension flexibilities may impact your retirement savings
  • The seminar will address some of the key questions and considerations when approaching retirement, and will cover interesting topics such as:
  • Changes to your lifestyle
  • The pension changes - what are the changes and how could they impact your retirement decisions?
  • What does retirement look like - what income could you need, when might you need it, and for how long?
  • Where could the money come from?
    • Company pensions and previous employer pension pots
    • State Pension
    • Savings or investments
  • What choices and options are available at retirement?
  • Tax efficiency in retirement
  • How could you create a retirement plan?

If you are looking to retire within the next eighteen months or want to learn more about how the pension flexibilities may impact your retirement savings, then this seminar is for you.

Details of the seminar content can be found here

Don't miss out, spaces are limited.


Seminar date




Dorchester – County Hall

9.30am – 3.30pm


For further information and to book your seminar place, please contact Affinity Connect by either calling 0800 0196 076 (Option 1) or by emailing stating the date, location and time that you would like to attend.

Please note the seminar will provide information only and will not include or constitute regulated financial advice.

Kind regards,

Affinity Connect

Your employer is not responsible for any advice nor are they recommending the services of any financial advisory organisation. Advice can be provided by my wealth, following a guidance telephone call. Affinity Connect is a trading name of Affinity Connect Limited a member of the Wealth at Work group of companies. Registered in England and Wales No. 04256854. Registered office: 5 Temple Square, Temple Street, Liverpool L2 5RH.  WEALTH at work and my wealth are trading names of Wealth at Work Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is a member of the Wealth at Work group of companies. Registered in England and Wales No. 05225819. Registered Office: 5 Temple Square, Temple Street, Liverpool L2 5RH. Telephone calls may be recorded and monitored for operational and training purposes

Changes to survivor benefits for same sex spouses and civil partners

A change to the scheme rules has been made to provide that survivor benefits payable to a same sex spouse or a civil partner are equal to those paid to the widow of a male member. 

Why has the change been made?

The change has been made as a result of a Supreme Court judgment (Walker v Innopsec) which found that Mr Walker’s male spouse was entitled to the same benefits that would have been paid if Mr Walker had left a widow in an opposite sex marriage.

Why does this apply to the LGPS?

The government believes that the implication of this judgment for all public service pensions schemes, including the LGPS, is that surviving civil partners or surviving same sex spouses should be provided with benefits equal to those that would be left to the widow of a male member. 

When does the change take effect from?

The change is backdated to the date that civil partnerships and same sex marriages were introduced – this is 5 December 2005 for civil partnerships and 13 March 2014 for same sex marriages.

This means that where a member of the LGPS has died leaving a surviving civil partner or a same sex spouse, the survivor’s pension in payment will need to be reviewed and any additional amounts paid, where applicable. We are in the process of reviewing the impact of this change and will be contacting affected civil partners and same sex spouses in due course.

Contribution Bands 2019/20

The following table displays the 2019/20 bands

If your actual pensionable pay is:
You pay a contribution rate of:
Main Section
50/50 Section
Up to £14,400
£14,401 to £22,500
£22,501 to £36,500
£36,501 to £46,200
£46,201 to £64,600
£64,601 to £91,500
£91,501 to £107,700
£107,701 to £161,500
£161,501 or more


The New State Pension and National Insurance Changes

The New State Pension and National Insurance Changes


LGPS National Insurance Database - Privacy Notice

What is the LGPS National Insurance Database?

Dorset County Pension Fund participates in a data sharing project with other LGPS pension funds in England, Wales and Scotland. This is undertaken in order to comply with legal requirements contained in the LGPS’s governing regulations.

Provisions contained in the LGPS Regulations 2013 mean that, if a member of the LGPS dies, it is necessary for the scheme’s administrators to know if the individual also had other periods of LGPS membership elsewhere in the country so that the right death benefits can be calculated and paid to the deceased member’s dependants.

As the LGPS is locally administered, each pension fund has its own membership records and it can be difficult to tell if an individual has other LGPS records and where these are held. To comply with the requirements set out above, a national Database has been developed that will enable funds to check if their members have LGPS pensions records in other pension funds.

What data is shared?                                                       

For each member of the LGPS, the Database contains a short entry containing:

·         The individual’s National Insurance Number,

·         A number to denote the individual’s membership status,

·         The last calendar year that the membership status changed, and

·         A four digit number confirming the LGPS pension fund where that member’s record is held.

Who hosts the Database?

The Database is hosted at the South Yorkshire Pensions Authority, an LGPS pension fund.

How will the data held on the Database be processed?

The data held on the Database will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation.

Are there any other purposes that the Database will be used for?

An extract of the membership information contained in the Database will periodically be shared with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that the LGPS can join the Tell Us Once service. Tell Us Once is a service offered in most parts of the country when an individual registers a death. When the LGPS joins Tell Us Once and the death of an LGPS member is registered, the DWP systems will ensure that the LGPS pension fund is informed of the death, meaning that the member’s records can be processed more quickly and simply than would otherwise be the case.

Who is the data shared with?

Other LGPS pension funds. These are all public bodies named in legislation as administering authorities of the LGPS.

For the Tell Us Once service, an extract of the Database containing individuals’ NI Numbers will be securely shared with DWP every month so that they may maintain an up-to-date record of the LGPS’s membership.

How long will this data sharing be undertaken for?

For as long as a) the relevant regulatory requirements remain, and b) the LGPS participates in the Tell Us Once service.

In the event that neither of the above apply, the data sharing will cease to be undertaken.

Can I opt out of this data sharing?

No. As this data sharing is partly being undertaken to comply with a legal requirement, it is not possible for scheme members to opt out of the data sharing.

What do I do if I have any queries?

To find out more about this data sharing or if you have any questions, please contact us:

Dorset County Pension Fund


Telephone:      01305 224845 

Fax:                01305 224049




Dorset County Pension Fund

County Hall