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Provision of data - employer’s responsibilities

LGPS Data Requirements

Each employer has a legal responsibility to provide accurate data to us. You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that any data provided to us is correct before submission.

Local Pensions Partnership (LPP) will only check the data provided to us for reasonableness against the data we already hold, and if necessary will query inconsistencies with you. However, LPP will not undertake a detailed check of individual calculations or all entries on bulk data files. The responsibility for accurate and complete data submissions lies with the you as the employing authority, you should therefore ensure that you have relevant controls in place to guarantee the correct provision of data.

If you provide incorrect data, we may quote or pay incorrect benefits, the consequences of which could lead to complaints, appeals, recalculations and reputational damage.

If you become aware that you have submitted incorrect data, you must let us know immediately. We would also expect you to investigate the cause of the error, take appropriate action to avoid recurrence, and provide an update to us.

If it appears to us that any employer is failing to take reasonable care in supplying data to us, ‘The Fund’ reserves the right to recover from the employer any resulting additional costs incurred. 

Where an employer provides incorrect data, the Fund may be required to report the breach to the Pensions Regulator where the breach is assessed to be of material significance to the Regulator.  When assessing materiality, consideration will be given to the –

(1) cause of the breach

(2) effect of the breach

(3) reaction to the breach, and

(4) wider implications of the breach.

Employer Forms

A number of commonly used forms are available to download along with the scheme guide for employers.

Employer Contacts Form - Advise LPP of changes to employer contacts

YourFund Site Administrator User Request Form - Please complete this form if you require site administration access.

This access allows the site admin user to create new user profiles for other members of staff and to deactivate and modify existing profiles. Only one site admin user is permitted for each employer. 


This will improve the flow of data and lead to benefits to the Member.

Forms can be found at where you will need to request a username before you can submit data.

The forms currently available are:

  • Joiners
  • Change of Address
  • Change of Hours
  • Absence
  • Return from Absence
  • Estimate Leaver
  • Monthly Contributions

Your Fund Guide

Your Fund Guide

Appeals Guide

This guide is designed to assist employers who have received a stage 1 formal complaint.

Appeals Guide