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This section provides news for members of the scheme.

About Your P60

You may never need a printed copy of your P60.

What is a P60?

A P60 is a statement which is issued to taxpayers each year. The P60 contains information about how much you have earned and how much tax you have paid (if applicable).

When do I need a P60?

You may never need a paper version of your P60 as often just having the figures will suffice. You may need information from your P60 in the following scenarios:

  • Filling in a self-assessment tax return
  • Applying for a mortgage or tax credits
  • Claiming a tax refund
  • Queries with HMRC

If you are registered for Member Self Service then you can view your P60 at any time, meaning that there is no need for printing and storing things manually. Your online account acts as a virtual filing cabinet for your P60s and pay slips. You will find the P60 under the Member Documents option once you are logged in.

If you haven't already registered for Member Self Service why not register now!


We are aware that Brexit has created a huge degree of uncertainty for people. Your entitlement is set out under law and is not linked to market returns; we do not envisage any problems in continuing to make payments to pensioners living overseas.

Changes to Survivor Benefits

Scheme Improvement for Dependants

Following a recent Supreme Court judgement, the Home Office have issued amendment regulations that will provide benefits to surviving civil partners and surviving spouses of same-sex marriages that are equal to the benefits that would have been provided had the member been male and the survivor been female. The amendment will have effect back to 5 December 2005 for civil partnership cases and back to 13 March 2014 for same-sex marriage cases.

We will review any past cases and pay improved benefits if appropriate.

Pensions Increase 2019

As you will be aware Firefighters’ pensions are reviewed each April based on the Consumer Price Index the previous September. It has been confirmed that the Consumer Price Index figure for 2019 is 2.4% which will come into effect from 8 April 2019. 

The new table will be published shortly.

Tel: 01992 555 466 or

Email: AskPensions@localpensionspartnership.org.uk

New My Pension Online

 Look out for the new & improved version of My Pension Online - Member Self Service!

The online portal allows you to obtain information about your pension quickly and easily. This means that you can start planning for retirement early and may help you to decide whether you would like to top up your pension. A face-lifted version of My Pension Online – Member Self Service is due for release early 2019 which will be aesthetically more pleasing and all existing members who have signed up will be moved onto the new version automatically. There will be no requirement to re-register!       

In addition to running retirement estimates independently the online portal allows you to

  • Produce tailored pension forecasts at different retirement ages including lump sum options
  • View annual benefit statements
  • Change contact details quickly and securely
  • View nominated beneficiaries for death grant
  • Receive e-communications
  • Access the most frequently used pension guides, forms and newsletters


Local Pensions Partnership

We are delighted to confirm that the formation of the Partnership between the LPFA and Lancashire County Pension Fund, has been finalised and the Local Pensions Partnership, (LPP) was launched on 11 April. 

The day to day management of your pension will not change and you will still deal with the same people in the same way. The only real change you will begin to see will be in the form of branding, including the LPP logo in written communications.

Contact details for the fund remain unchanged but now most online communications will come from a @localpensionspartnership email address. Our Herts team phone number remains unchanged, so please continue to use 01992 555466.

Moving forwards, LPFA will still be legally responsible under the Data Protection Act 1998 for their own data. However, both LPP and LPFA staff will have responsibility to process this data on their behalf.

If you haven’t already done so, help make the most of your pension and sign up for your online Member Self Service account at www.yourpension.org.uk.

Here you can take control of your pension and gain access to your information securely and update bank account details as well as personal details.



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March 2020

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Hertfordshire Pension Payroll Team

If you have any queries regarding your pension please call a member of the Pensions Team on:

Tel: 01992 555 466

HM Revenue & Customs
Contact number: 0845 300 0627
Reference: 951/XZ49191


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