Annual Benefit Statements for Active Members

Your Annual Benefit Statement (ABS) is a document that is produced every year which gives an estimated forecast to the value of Local Government Pension at your retirement age.

Your Annual Benefit Statement is in the 'Member Documents' section on 'Member Self Service'

If you aren't already registered please use the 'My Pension Login' link in the top right corner of the website  and follow the registration process.
Multiple jobs:  If you are a member of the scheme in more than one job, then you will see a separate statement for each job.
Part-time/Term-time: If you are employed on a part-time and/or term-time basis then you are advised to please read the information within the 'Guides' below.
Tax charges: If the value of your pension savings increases by more than HMRC's "Annual Allowance", you may be liable to pay tax. This will not affect many people and is most likely to affect high earners. If you have exceeded the annual allowance in 2015/16 then we will write to you separately by 6th October 2016 as you may need to pay a tax charge.

Click here to find out more about the annual tax allowance rules

Important: Your statement is an estimate only and is not a guaranteed statement of entitlement. The actual benefits that you could receive may be different and you should consult Your Pension Service before making a decision. If you are unhappy with the accuracy of any information or any decision made in relation to your pension, please inform your employer or the Pensions Helpdesk in the first instance. If you are still dissatisfied after this, you have the right to appeal.

Annual Benefit Statements FAQs and Guidance
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