Join the Scheme

The scheme is available to eligible employees of local government and other participating employers who are under 75 years of age.

If you start a job in which you are eligible for membership of the LGPS you will be brought into the scheme under automatic enrolment (unless your contract of employment is for less than 3 months and you are not an Eligible Jobholder, but even then you can opt to join by completing an application form under the 'Guides & Forms' tab). 

If you are brought into the scheme you have the right to opt out. You cannot complete an opt out form until you have started your employment. Please see the 'Automatic Enrolment' tab on the left hand side for more information.

10 Benefits of Membership

  • Your employer tops up your pension - something they would be unlikely to do with a personal pension.

  • You get tax relief on all your contributions - even on extra payments you make to top up your benefits.

  • No hidden fees or charges - you simply contribute a percentage of your pay.

  • You get a guaranteed package of benefits which are backed by law.

  • Protection for your loved ones - in the form of pensions for dependents if you die.

  • Life cover of three years pay - from the second you join.

  • No medical required - unlike other forms of life insurance, it’s open to all.

  • All members can take a tax free lump sum as part of their benefits package.

  • Protection -  in case you have to draw your benefits early through ill health.
  • Your pension will go up in line with inflation, protecting you from rising prices.

  • We all have to pay into something! And the LGPS is a great choice to make.

If you would like to join the scheme please complete the Member Enrolment Form

Watch the video to find out how the scheme works.

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