1. How can I update my address – Login to MPO, go to My Details, Contact Details and Edit. You can also call us 0300 323 0260 or email us askpensions@localpensionspartnership.org.uk , or send us a letter.

2. How can I change my name – you cannot change your name online or by phone. You can email the proof of your new name (marriage certificate, decree absolute, change of name deed) to askpensions@localpensionspartnership.org.uk or send us a letter with a photocopy (original for Ealing) of the certificate

3. How can I add/update a nominee – you can update these online – Nominations-> Death Grant Nomination Details, if you do not have an online account there is a form available on our website.

4. How can I top up my pension – You can’t do this online, but there is a whole section about topping up your pension on our website (different links for different funds). Also see “Looking after your pension” video on https://www.lgpsmember.org/more/Videos.php.

5. When can I take my pension – You can take it from 55 up until 75 though if you have an active pension you would need to leave your current post to take it (unless you take Flexible retirement – see information on the website about this). Also see  “Life at Work” video on https://www.lgpsmember.org/more/Videos.php

6. What happens to my pension when I leave my job – if you have been in the LGPS for less than 2 years you can get a refund or transfer to another pension scheme. If more than 2 years you can leave it frozen and take it from 55 or transfer it to another pension scheme as long as you do the transfer before 12 months before your normal retirement date. See “How your pension works” video on https://www.lgpsmember.org/more/Videos.php

7. What death benefits are available

  • Death grant: Active – 3 times your annual salary
  • Deferred: (frozen) – 3 times your annual pension if left before 1/4/2008 else 5 times your annual pension.
  • Pensioner: If left scheme before 01/04/2008 and under 75 (at time of death) 5 times annual pension minus pension already taken. 

If left scheme between 01/04/2008 to 01/04/2014 and under 75, 10 times annual pension minus pension already taken.

If left since 01/04/2014 then 10 times annual pension minus pension already taken

There will also be a survivors pension payable to spouse/civil partner and qualifying cohabiting partner (see website for qualifying criteria).

If there are children under 23 at time of your death in full time education (or vocational training) then they would also get a children’s pension until they reach 23/leave full time education whichever happens first. See “Protection for you and your family” video on https://www.lgpsmember.org/more/Videos.php

8. How do I opt out of the scheme? - There are forms on our website to opt out. If the form is a paper form for your scheme then it will need to be returned to your payroll to cease contributions

9. What ID documents are accepted - Birth certificate or Passport. Some funds also accept a driving licence – please contact us for further information.